Wondering about the process your technician takes when doing a shower regrouting, Snohomish? In this post, we’re sharing the steps that he follows to ensure that your project ends up a success.

Step #1: Gathering the supplies – Your technician will need items like caulk and caulk gun, large bucket, drill/driver, dust mask, rubber gloves, safety glasses, utility knife, grout saw, grout sponge, among others. But why do you need to know this if the technician provides this himself? This is to give you an idea about the value of the service you get relative to what you pay.

Step #2: Getting rid of the old grout – This is the next step your technician follows when doing a shower regrouting, Snohomish. In this process, he removes the old grout. This can be a tedious task, but necessary. Your technician does this using a utility knife or a grout saw to slice and crack the old grout out.

Step #3: Mixing the new grout – Once the tile lines are free from old grout debris, your technician begins mixing the new grout. He does this as fast as possible to beat the time when the grout hardens and becomes difficult to apply. In fact, not acting fast can render grout unusable.

Step #4: Packing the joints – Your technician plops a dollop of grout and smooths it at a 45-degree angle. The goal here is to put enough grout in those joints – the space between tiles – to keep the tiles together. He presses hard enough to ensure that he put the grout tightly.

Step #5: Wiping the excess away – As soon as the lines between the tiles are filled, your technician scrapes and wipes out the excess. He uses a diagonal motion to make the job a lot easier yet effective. He also does this as fast as possible since the grout will dry up quickly. Excess grout that stays for some time makes it harder to remove.

Step #6: Wiping off the rest of the debris from the tile – Using a damp sponge, your technician will wipe the remaining debris away. He implements circular strokes to make the cleaning more effective,

Step #7: Scraping the corners – The technician does this with the help of a utility knife. This will remove any excess globs of caulks from corners.

After doing the caulking, your technician will let it dry. Mission accomplished.

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