The adage that says nothing lasts forever is quite valid with tile floors. That means, no matter how good the installation is, there will come a time when they will lose their integrity due to the effects of natural wear and tear. The chances that some tiles pop up or get chipped is higher as they get older. However, one does not need complete reinstallation to bring back their former glory. With the help of a professional who is an expert in tile restoration and chipped tile repair, Snohomish, a torn tile floor can have a brand new look transformation.

Speaking of chipped tiles, here are several reasons why some tiles are detaching or chipping away – as shared by our tile restoration experts:

Impact from heavy objects – This is pretty obvious but still often overlooked. When you drop something too heavy for the tile floor to handle, it can cause cracks. You have to be mindful of such heavy objects to ensure that you do not drop them on the floor, causing damage to the tiles.

Not completely compact – If there are hollow spaces underneath the adhesive, the chances that the tile above to crack are high. You have to make sure that the one installing your tile floor does it with this issue in mind.

Reflective cracking – this happens when your tile is bonded directly to concrete, and that concrete happens to crack, causing the tile layer above to break as well. Using tile adhesive is way more effective to prevent tiles from chipping away.

When there are ground movements – When there is movement on the ground, it causes strain to the structure. That can result in damage on walls and floor, which includes issues like tiles chipping off. You should consider this issue during tile installation to give better protection for your tile floor.

What to consider when hiring a contractor for chipped tile repair, Snohomish?

Choosing one to work with for your tile restoration project can be challenging, considering that many service providers claim they are the best in town. But the following can help you choose the most qualified one:

  • The feedback/reviews from the community
  • The number of tile restoration projects completed in the past
  • The length of time in the tile restoration business – this reflects the expertise
  • And, of course, the charges involved

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